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Senin, 12 Januari 2009

Sunday Morning

09.00 AM

I woke up with panic attack, realizing that it's time for my appointment with Dairy Queen.

Today is my Dad's birthday. I hope it hasn't arrived yet. I have to gather my spirits and souls before the celebration, it's going to be a 'Morning Celebration'. It's new, we just invented it.

It was 5 after 9 and Dairy Queen still hasn't arrived yet. As my mom feed my Laksa to me, i tried to remember what went on in my mind as I fell a sleep last night. It was you with other absurd things, but I was with you and it was nice. We were spending Sunday morning together in our jamies. Cute, I say.

I smiled and the door bell rang. It was Dairy Queen delivery girl, finally! It's time for celebration!!!

I went to the front porch, where my Dad and his friend sat for a Sunday morning chat. Surprise!!! Along with the birthday song. Everybody enjoyed the ice cake and Laksa with smile, so do I but with the thought of it would be nicer with us around in our jamies.